DIY Workshop: 10 Quick fix-forslag kan forbedre byromskvaliteten i Oslo

Tidligere arrangementer 13. november 2012 20:31

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DIY (Do It Yourself)-Workshopen, kuratert av ByFabrikken-styremedlem Christoffer Evju, ble arrangert forrige uke. Resultatrapporten foreligger allerede, og kan leses ovenfor. På workshopens blogg, beskriver den seg selv på følgende vis:


«The Oslo DIY ideas workshop will be arranged in Oslo 05.- 09. november 2012.

The workshop is part of the course «Introduction to landscape urbanism» at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and will be joined by a group of students from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences as well. A total of 42 students of landscape architecture from two different schools and of 10 different nationalities, will be working together in 10 groups to produce one site specific projects each.

The workshop invites the students to think of new ways to improve their city, based on the simple notation that we are all stakeholders and agents of change in our own community.

As a product of the workshop there will be created a digital publication from the results, and the «10 quick fixes to improve quality of urban space in Oslo» will be published on this blog.»

Workshopen er inspirert av parsellhageprosjektet Herligheten.