LIGHTS PASSING | ROM for kunst og arkitektur 26/10-2/12

Tidligere arrangementer 16. oktober 2012 08:54
// Sted: ROM for kunst og arkitektur
// 2012-10-26 19:00 -- 2012-12-02 17:00
// Arrangør: ROM for kunst og arkitektur
// Adresse: Maridalsveien 3, Oslo

by Hélène Binet

26.10 – 02.12 2012

“Hélène Binet has emerged as one of the leading architectural photographers in the world. Every time Hélène Binet takes a photograph, she exposes architecture’s achievements, strength, pathos and fragility.” -Daniel Libeskind

LIGHTS PASSING focuses on images from Norway, the Steilneset Memorial in Vardø by Peter Zumthor and the Hamar museum by Sverre Fehn, and delves into Binet’s personal interest in space and shadow through a series of images including works by le Corbusier, the Observatory in Jaipur and the Lunuganga Estate by Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka.

«The light and shadow of the observatory in Jaipur is telling us the time, the seasons, predicting the monsoon but also positioning the human being in relation to very big dimension. The light and the shadow as a tool to understand the world. In the Couvent Sainte-Marie de la Tourette, light and shadow are the path to the liturgies and the only ornament in the cell of the father. They are collected in little box, maybe a place to catch dreams. In Sri Lanka the light doesn’t change very much over the season and the gardener will regulate his daily activity just by looking where the different shadings are appearing. In the Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, on the 26 of June, 97 lights are burning with no night. The long and stretch building is remembering the pain of women and men. Time is not given by cast shadow but by the sense of infinity convey through soft and diffuse light, present and past are merging. Time is not anymore linear. Memory and present are confused, as the ruin of the fishermen structure in the nearby.» -Hélène Binet